tech bro

they say "it's the closest people (friends) to us that hurt us the most". If i ever doubted that before, Laolu just opened my eyes:

you can’t swing a virtual bat and not hit one “hey guys, welcome to my podcast. It’s a safe space where we get to blah blah blah” — in every family (i bet one of your siblings is a podcaster?).

or one that has been podcast-peer-pressured to start yet another noise pollution on the internet. Only to hit record, upload it, share link using WhatsApp BCs to put a gun to our heads to listen, get angry not many listen, and quits after a month.

(Ps: noise pollution = “hey guys” podcast.)

You’re probably annoyed right now because I’m either describing you or someone you know.

Well, let’s just say I’ve had my bitter fair-share of jumping on the podcast wave (i fell flat on my face at the center of the ocean).

Will that still happen to me again?


We’d see how things go with this new 1-minute Jollof-cast (Possibly, the shortest podcast on the internet?):

Listen here: Apple Podcast, Google Podcast (Android), Spotify, Anchor (IOS & Android).

Apart from the podcast craze, there’s a new wave in town. Arguably, more profitable too.

It’s “tech bro”.

They’re everywhere amongst us and some even have it in their social media bio.

On this fateful day - I was scrolling through VPN-twitter like a thief in the night, seeking for tweets to devour.

Then I saw this tweet:

I got curious about what this Unicorn gathering was about. Maybe they share actual unicorn animals? I wondered too.

Now, Laolu is a friend (the type that will dodge a bullet so it’ll hit me). I reached out and asked about the animal sharing hangout:

Lo and behold, I was tech-bro-shamed.

The “👀” made matters worse. (emoji looks like someone trapped underground inside a glass).

If you ever receive Jollof-Write that tastes like me launching web design services or a startup (that arrests tech-bro-shamers) — just know the tech-bro-peer-pressure got to me.

1 last spoon of Jollof:

Out of your 24 hours don’t forget to give me 1 minute, please — before you go back to Netflixing.

At least, I’ll never be podcast-shamed, right?

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